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Howlooo! I told you that I'd update my website, so here it is! (10\20\96) I had a little stuff written on it before I updated it, so if you haven't seen it yet, I'll tell it to you again. Okay. My name is Stephen Huang, but my friends all call me Microphone. I'll tell you about that later. I'm a fourteen year old Taiwanese American, and if you haven't noticed, I live in Michigan. To add to that, I'm a werewolf. Yes, you read it right. I am 100% lycanthrope. Mail your questions to the above address. I was not bitten by a werewolf, as many people think I had to become a werewolf. Truth is, werewolfism is all genetic, and the process of "change" is actually the use of energy to shift cell position. I learned this from some of my packmates (before they left for Toronto and never came back). I am allergic to silver, which is pretty strange since it gives me a rash when I'm in my human form, which is pretty odd. Most of the time it should only affect us shapeshifters when we take on our other shapes. If you've played White Wolf's Werewolf: the Apocalypse, you should be familiar with some of the terms I'll use below. The game was actually written by werewolves or people who know about them. Don't try to ask them about it, though, since they'll just say that they're not. Well, about me, I'm a Glass Walker Galliard, born a human (obviously), and still a Cliath. I have kind of joined up with the City Farmers, since I agree that Gaia should be brought into the city to live in harmony with it. I am a strong believer in the powers of nature and of the Weaver, but am sort of afraid of the chaotic powers of the pure Wyld. I have ventured into the Penumbra several times to search for spirits. My name, Microphone, derives from the fact that I am a Galliard (artisans of the Garou) and the fact that I am a Glass Walker (technology focused tribe). Thus, I chose the name Microphone, since it suited me well. My powers? I only can do a few right now, and it takes forever (a long, long time) for me to do them correctly. One of my best talents, which takes only ten minutes for me to do, is send an electric shock along a computer network to hit the person on the other end and screw up their computer. Unfortunately, this leaves me tired as heck and busts up my computer, too. The second thing I can do is randomly connect telepathically to someone (or something) in the world. This leaves me drained of energy, as well, and sometimes the results aren't too good. Why in the world would I want to talk to a mouse in North France? The third thing I'm still working at is seperating from my physical body and traveling through the astral plane. It's sort of New Agey, but then again, our kind is spiritually powerful (I think.). My hobbies are running through the woods in Lupus form, trying to catch rabbits (and tear them up into bloody gobbets of hot, quivering meat. Yum!) and squirrels, and howling at the Gibbous moon. I was born under the Gibbous moon, and whenever I see it, it just wants to make me go lupine! Well, that's about it. You probably think I'm insane or just plain psychopathic, but that's what most humans would think. It's the Delirium at work. If you actually believe me, write to the address at the top of my page! Who knows? Even you could be a werecreature!

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